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Sea Wry
United States

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I should just note here, I don't art anymore nor do anything related to such. Things have just changed this way.

Want to find contact me information or something?
Try Flutterwry at FurAffinity as I have all that information there.

DA Avatar created from art by PokuMii Art image used:


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oooopoooo Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016
Hey, just wanted to say I have the same username in reddit as you.
Just randomly found you while browsing pictures of ponies.
Flutterwry Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016
*Stalks on Reddit* I see that. That is interesting at most, alongside history.

Ironically I eradicated most places I used the name "Flutterwry" to sever ties to some fandom and clean start. I never used Reddit for posting/submitting, only reading. So never bothered to check or think of seeing if name was used there out of curiosity.

You're welcomed to use the name, since seems been using it for same length of time I have. I've long abandoned the name when I severed all ties to a fandom and use another name since, but still use Flutterwry in rare cases. Largely on art websites, some social media and games where I cannot change the name.
oooopoooo Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016
(Oh shit I forgot about reddit stalking, I hope my page doesn't look incriminating)

Thanks, and I think you can change your name in DA, but I bet it costs money.
Anyway, I got the name when I browsed meme sites (I was young ok!?) after season 2's opener, and thought that's a nice name to use, since all my other usual names were taken. As you can plainly see from this account's name, I have trouble naming things.

So yeah, hello.
Flutterwry Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017
No need to worry on reddit, nothing that is concern to me besides natural curiosity.

Can change name on DA, but no point. Nothing of a major issue though and not worth.
I thought of and used it as a name from the meme after opening of season 2. Seemed unique and so I went with it for was needing a new "original" aliases. Used it for art sites, games and some social media. Majority places used at have been disabled/deleted now. Just ones remaining will remain. Is how that all goes.

So yes, was bit of humour to me to know others did use name. Welcome to message me if wish as wanted as a note however as much wanted.
PokuMii Featured By Owner May 17, 2016  Student Digital Artist

Fancy seeing my art as your avatar, i'm flattered!
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